24 States | 20 National Parks

Come follow our adventures! We recently returned from a five-week road trip where we visited 24 states and 20 National Parks with an infant (Yitzchak was two months when we left). From NYC to California and back we logged over 10,000 miles.

Follow along here as I recap our trip. I plan to share some travel tips (particularly for traveling with babies), our itinerary by week, and other lessons learned. Stay tuned to hear all about this past adventure and other adventures coming soon!

If you’ve been here before you may have noticed things have changed a bit. I was not feeling cooking in the first trimester and getting back into posting recipes has been hard. Rest assured more recipes are coming, especially as Yitzchak begins baby-led weaning in a few months.

You can expect a lot of travel content, some Montessori content, and some cooking in the next few months. For now though the focus is all things travel.

Do you have any questions about traveling with a baby?

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